Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New patterns

The new ImagiKnit is up. There's a great felted bag and a scarf that interests me. (would be good for my Noro). The FBS is finished. Everyone in the family is ohhing and ahhing. Mistakes and all, it is pretty impressive. I found that my wool (red) bled quite a bit when I was washing it for blocking. Just dumped in some white vinegar during the rinse and end of bleeding.

Clapotis is nearing the end. I also started the Weaver's Wool Mini Shawl from the Knitlist gifts list. It's just what I've been looking for. I have a ton of left over Red Heart that I've been wanting to knit up into something I can throw on when I'm outside with the dog. The pattern calls for thinner yarn and smaller needles, but I just upsized it all. It will take me awhile. It's a real mindless knit, but it's something that I can easily put down and come back to. So, maybe by the time cold weather rolls around next fall I'll have it done.

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Susan said...

Do you mean Magknits??
Also, did you finish your "Wear-as-a-collar Scarf"? I was thinking of making it but haven't seen a good picture of it worked up. The picture in the book is useless.