Thursday, March 31, 2005

Squirrels, Spring, and Knitting

Here's a very acrobatic squirrel that I ran across on Tuesday. He (or she) is hanging upside down from a suspended ear of corn, holding on by his back feet and is eating. I might add that he spent quite a while in this position. Later, he was on the wire that the corn is suspended from and pulled the corn up to him and sat up on top and ate. What a character!

Here's another sign that spring is trying it's best to burst out. This mini-daffodil appeared in my flower bed Wednesday at lunch time. The crocus' are just about to bite the dust, and the daffodil are still forming buds. The tulips are just peeking their leaves out of the ground.

And now for knitting content -- I balled up some the tapestry yarn that I was gifted and started the Sophie felted bag. The tapestry yarn is very springy and has tight twist (I'm sure due to it's intended use for stitching) but it should make a lovely bag. The color in the photo isn't really very true. It's actually a nice burgundy. I intend to use Susan's double I-cord method for the handle.

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