Friday, March 25, 2005

Easter, flowers, and socks

Easter preparations and house cleaning are happening here. The Amyrillis that I got for Christmas and planted in February is blooming for Easter. It's amazing that something so large can come out of a bulb that's comparatively pretty small.

After cleaning, laundry, shopping, et cetera, I did have some time to put in on the current pair of socks. I'm really pleased with how the stitch pattern is turning out. I doesn't mix up the varigation in the yarn, but I really like how the stitch pattern shows up. I should be pretty close to being finished with this sock before I head off to bed tonight.

I'm cooking the ham for Easter dinner, which my DM is hosting. Since she has pneumonia, we'll try to keep it easy on her. We usually share the cooking duties and we really keep Easter dinner a bit more simple than Thanksgiving or Christmas. She also has the largest table and area to eat in. So, I'm cooking the 17 pounds of ham (semi-boneless and already cooked). I'm also going to make deviled eggs and a coconut custard pie (pie is for here at home). So, I'll need to do some internet research on the pie. The deviled eggs, I'd like to check out some recipies for something special. I've been hard boiling eggs and another trip to the store will be necessary.

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