Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Patchwork Scarf

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This is the patchwork scarf that I've been working on. The pattern is from MagKnits (see the link below) I've adapted it to use a variety of yarn, including some new stuff that I got at Michael's over the weekend. There's Lion's Brand Suede, mohair with sparkly stuff, some baby blue that I've used double, some scratchy blue wool that I was gifted, some Red Heart Symphony, and some blue speckly wool acrylic mix. It's for my DD and she's pleased with the progress so far. I'm more than half way and trying to use the yarns in order so that the ends are the same. I also have to make a fringe decision.

The Lion's brand Suede is a very nifty yarn. It has that soft, velvety feel that chenille has, but (so far) no worming. It's a round yarn in it's construction, where the chenille is flat. Maybe that's why one worms and the other doesn't seem to.

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