Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Fun than Cables

The "More Fun than Cables Sock" (August 26, 2005 entry) is just that. I made some adjustments to the pattern to fit my legs. I'm nearing the heel and I decided that I needed to reduce the diameter a bit. I started out with 72 stitches to cast on, which is the usual size that works for me when I knit with Size 1 needles. I changed the K2's to K3's. To adjust the diameter back down, I just changed the K3's back to K2's. (see the yellow circle) Seems to be working out just fine.

The yarn is a cotton/wool superwash and doesn't have a lot of stretch. So, I think by decreasing near the ankle/heel area may keep them from slouching down. Great pattern. Just enough interest to keep me looking forward to the next row, but no problem to memorize. Thanks, Marguerite!

Monday, August 29, 2005

My Whitby socks are nearing completion. I just love this pattern. Just enough changes over five rows that it really keeps it interesting. And I really like that the center purl stitch pattern cues you in on when to turn the cable.

And here's the start of my "More Fun that Cables" sock. Great pattern by Margene over at the "Stitches of Violet" blog. (It's one of my must read every day blogs.) The yarn is Lana Grosso Cotton yarn that's been aging in my stash for a couple years.

I've been watching Hurricane Katrina most of the weekend and knitting. Both patterns are great for TV watching.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Creating a Cunning Plan

And another week is nearly gone, summer is just about over, school starts on Monday. It’s my favorite time of the year. Sorry, no pictures again today. However, I’ve been working on creative knitting thoughts. I spent some time looking through the Six Sock Knitalong Webring sites. Wow! There’s really some great stuff out there. And as I’m sure you know, there’s some great blogs out there and there’s some that are pretty boring. (mine’s not included in the “great blogs” list)

So, what have I come up with as a plan of action for my knitting in the upcoming months? Here’s what we have so far:

* I have some lovely navy sock wool with a multi-colored twist that is going to become the Amble sock that’s the current pattern on the Six Sox Knitalong.

* I have some turquoise Esprit that is going to become a Friday Harbor sock, inspired by the new Yahoo “Knitting on the Road” group that I just joined this morning. The group is going to knit the socks in Barbara Bush’s “Knitting on the Road.”

* For further inspiration, I also signed up for the Sockknitters Sock of the Month Club list which announces the knit-a-longs that are happening as spin-off groups from the Sockknitters list.

* I have some lovely sky blue wool that I think is going to become a “Branching Out” scarf. The pattern is from one of my favorite bloggers, Susan at “I’m Knitting as Fast as I Can.”

* I’m going to make another Sophie bag, but larger. There’s a pattern for just such an animal called Elizabeth, but I think I can up-size Sophie and design my own.

* There’s also several pairs of felted slippers that need to be completed before the end of December.

* And I’m going to knit up Sarah Bradberry’s “Sweet 16” Knit & Felt hat.

Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans…I’m sure that soon I’ll have a truck load of transcript work that will need to be done and wreath season is upon us. Which means, I need to be wiring cones and cutting bows.

Of course, I’ve not even mentioned the two shawls that I have started. Both are at about the halfway finished stage. But, you know, there’s only so many hours in the day – plus, I need time to finish reading the Harry Potter books before I can start Digital Fortress by Ken Brown. At least when Survivor starts up again I can knit while I’m watching that! Then there’s the husband who currently has a kidney stone…

So, there's my plans. I'm sure something will come along to muck it all up! But it's a plan. Well, I must be off to buy cranberry juice and console the DH who is trying to pass a kidney stone. (I promise I'll do better with having photos next week.)

Monday, August 22, 2005

End of summer clean up

I had a comment about my Whitby sock and about the book that the pattern is in. It's from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. I first checked this book out of the library. The book has a nice variety of patterns, some with stitch work, lace work, and some colorwork. My only problem with it is that I have large, fat feet and I always have to adjust patterns. In the case of Whitby, I just used heavier yarn and larger needles. Now, that won't work with all the patterns, and I've become pretty adept at enlarging patterns, but it is a nice book and I'm glad that I bought it.

Sorry, there's no photo today. There was only minimal knitting over the weekd. You see the clutter has threated to take over my house. Inside and out.

First, my husband made a heroic effort on the outside and has brought that all back into a managable condition. You see it's been REALLY hot and humid, but extremely dry here. We were away to the beach for a week and we've not had any appreciable amount of rain in a very long time. So, mowing was in order, but weed eating was really the thing.

Secondly, since DH was outside busting his butt, I felt that inside butt busting should be happening as well. So, I started with the yarn that has been multiplying in my living room. I obtain a large plastic storage box and sorted out the yarn that I know I'll never use. It's now all in two large plastic storage boxes, and a large basket. Oh, and there's a medium sized plastic storage box with tapestry yarn.

Next up -- the cleaning out of the dresser that's in the dining room (craft stuff) and then my clothes. There's things in the closet that I haven't worn in eight years. Goodwill here we come.

School starts next Monday. We get to meet the teacher on Friday afternoon. Fifth Grade - big man on campus year. Next year it's off to the middle school and low man on the totem pole again. I'll be glad for fall. It's my favorite time of the year.

It's been so dry that my flower beds really aren't blooming much. The borough is asking everyone to conserve water, so I've really only been dumping water on my two tomato plants. Soon it will be time to cut things back so you can see the blooming hardy mums.

Well, that's all I have for today. By way of knitting news, I'm anxiously awaiting the posting of Marguerite's new sock pattern over at Stitches of Violet. No hurry, I've got time and a few projects I'll need to finish before I can allow myself to start another pair of socks. (Dog lovers will enjoy the doggie picnic news over at Stitches of Violet.)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Vacation's over

Here's one of the things I was doing last week instead of knitting. We spent the week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina last week. And it was HOT!!! We always try to make a visit to the NC Aquarium, where they were having shark week last week.

On the knitting front I did get a bit done on my Gracie Shawl and started a pair of slippers. But the slippers are going to have to be partially frogged. I didn't end up with the right amount of stitches. The brain was too mushy to concentrate!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

This and that

Vacation time is coming up this week and I've been planning out what knitting I'll be working on. Looks like fun to me!

I have the cuff started on a new pair of socks. I'm hoping to finish up the Whitby socks nex week and get something new started. But, I really think I'm going to wait for the new Stitches of Violet - Better than Cables pattern. It's due out later in the month.

The sunflowers have been enjoying the mass amounts of sun that we've been having. But they don't care for the lack of rain. You can see the leaves just aren't quite what they should be. The second set of blooms are just about to burst forth.

I planted cherry tomatoes in among my flower this year, which has just worked out fine, but the cherry sized tomatoes are really plum sized. They taste good, though!

And finally, here's the porch restoration project on Penn Street. The 1940's style portico was removed snd an original-style Victorian porch is being added. There's a beautiful etched ruby glass in the transom over the front door that is seeing the light of day for the first time in about 70 years.