Monday, March 21, 2005

Weekend recap

It was kind of an exciting weekend. First, I finished up Clapotis. I'm going to do some minor blocking -- the corner where I ended up is kind of pulled out of kilter. After blocking I'll finish up with a photo. It was a really fun thing to knit. It's really neat how it rolls up or spreads out depending on how you handle it.

On Saturday we were back to Penn State for Women's Gymnastics. Penn State Lady Lions hosted Rutgers, Temple, and William and Mary at Rec Hall. Lots of fun! The Lady Lions won. (as expected) A good time was had by all! Even the Nittany Lion made an appearance at the meet. Of course we've also been following March Madness all weekend. Even DD (the 10 year old) is keeping a pairing bracket on her own. If you're a college basketball fan, it's a great time of year. Of course, the PSU men's team didn't get a bid. The Lady Lion Basketball team went to College Park, MD yesterday where they had their hopes dashed. Well, there's always next year...

Sunday involved laundry, cooking, and computer repair. I have to explain that we have three computers at our house. One is my daughter's. One is a brand, spanking, new Dell purchased mostly for gaming. The third one is the old war horse that we use for internet and general computer use. (It has the best virus software.) Well, the old war horse took a hit earlier in the week. It all started with a virus. I think we've got that cleared up, but I think now we've got hardware issues. It wants to shut down on it's own if it's been running for a long time. And it's having trouble booting up. And it's very noisy and just about six years old. Could still be virus problems, but my gut feeling it hardware. Anyhow, it's going to the computer hospital later this week. So, DD's computer is rotating up to be our main on-line unit. And that's involved major housecleaning. (we got rid of the SpongeBob software that hasn't been played for about a year.) I also broke out the bucks and bought the latest version of Norton. So, I've been installing, updating, and restarting.

So you can see not much knitting happened. Just thoughts about what the next project will be. Definately got to finish the other felted slipper. It's been waiting since January!

Also, I had a comment from Elayne about my software. I'm using Picasa and Hello both from Google. They work very well with Blogger. Thanks for the comment!

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