Saturday, February 24, 2007

Winter's End???

Old Punxtawny Phil said earlier this month that winter was over. I think the furry fellow is a bit daff in the head. Granted we did have a spell of above freezing temps, but there's a pretty big storm predicted for tomorrow and there's more on the way the end of the upcoming week. I know -- it's February. It's winter.

So, I broke out the wool and cast on for socks. My DH is in bad need of wool socks for work. I've tried and tried to buy him heavy wool socks for winter that are large enough around the top. He's diabetic and tight socks are a real problem. Not even at the large sporting good stores can you find them. So, I cast on with my Elann worsted weight and the heel is Wool of the Andes. The toe is going to be blue too. And you know what -- of all the things I've knit, I still enjoy socks the most. They really aren't complicated. You have the variety of turning the heel in the middle of the project. I just don't get bored knitting socks. Plus I'm a real fan of knitting from the top down. I know all the pro's about toe up socks, but the biggest problem I have with toe up is there just isn't a real good stretchy bind off to use a the top. I just have never found one. I started at the top with size 3 double points and after I turned the heel I switched to size 2. I want stitches on the foot to be real tight for good wear. And I'm surprised. This is the same yarn that I'm knitting a sweater on size 6 needles. And the socks are coming along really good.

So, I've done my Saturday morning running around, my mom is leaving on a cruise this afternoon, I have typing to do, grocery shopping to do, and knitting on the horizon and all is well with the world. Five weeks to vacation.

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