Saturday, March 03, 2007

Parts are parts

Well, I finally capitulated and knit up a gnome. The pattern is simple. I can see that because the parts are small, even knitting and no mistakes is important. I used Lion's Wool and Elann's Highland wool and Size 3 double points. Although for the hat seen to the left, I used a Size 3 circular because of the number of stitches.

I thought the hat needed to be blocked before sewing. The bottom edge was curling and it's to be folded up in the end.

Here's the body/head, two of the legs, beard and one arm. At this point only one leg has been sewn up. The pattern recommends the mattress stitch. I went to the Knitter's Help site for a refreshers on the mattress stitch. And it's easy. But us blind people need very good light to see, especially on the dark green.

Here's a close up on the leg all sewn up. The parts get stuffed with fiberfill. There's a pouch of plastic bead the go into the body for stability (haven't got that yet). And you can see the beard in the background. It's rather cute. I doubt that I do more on this project today. I have typing to do, a trip to the grocery store in the offing, laundry, et cetera. Plus, I do have some socks on the needles. I'll show them off tomorrow.

Here's a web site that I ran across and just love. It's called Daily Lit. By subscribing, you can read a variety of classic books, that are now in the public domain. They get sent to your e-mail daily. And you read a bit each day. Currently, I'm working on "Little Women" it's an old favorite of mine. You'll be surprised at the number and variety of book available. Even "War and Peace"!

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MarDi said...

I can't wait to see the gnome all put together, he'll be adorable!

Hope you are well. We had a few days that were warm (warm in comparison to the deep freeze we were in a few weeks ago), but now tonight is bitter cold again and tomorrow morning will be in the single digits. I can't wait for spring!