Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Deep Freeze

The deep freeze is on here. School's been delayed for the past two mornings. You know when it gets colder than 10 degrees, what's the use in counting.
There's been no blogging since Sunday when our internet went down. The tech thinks our router is going bad. Today they were having trouble with their downstream provider. (don't you just love all that tech talk!) And after checking out FoxNews online, there was a massive attack on the internet in the past 24 hours. But we seem to have good connectivity now (there's another one of those tech talk terms.) I think it's just been too darn cold and the whole thing just froze up!

Since we were all having internet withdraw here, I was busy knitting. Slipper No. 2 is almost done and I promise a before and after felting photo. It always amazes me to see how big the slippers are before felting. I should have them ready for the washer before Thursday. Then it's back to the Landscape purse.

Here's another bit that I knit up over the weekend.

It's the Janie Cowl free pattern from KnitPicks. It was a fun and easy knit. I thought with all the cold weather coming, I might like to have one. It needs some finishing and a bit of blocking. I did consider that when it's cold enough that I'd like to wear it, that I usually have on a sweater with a turtleneck underneath. It might be a bit of overkill. My favorite winter headgear at this point is a headband that I knit a few years back. I knit it in a feather and fan pattern, in a tube. I find that covering my ears is the most important thing. Leaving the top of my head bare let's all that hot air out! Now, if I could just get my feet warm.
Marguerite mentioned that I noticed her "blue" winter. Stitches of Violet always has interesting reading and great photos of the birds and wildlife. Marguerite got me thinking about knitting some worsted weight socks. My DH has worn out several pairs of commercially made socks. I've never made him a pair of handknit ones. So, I think I might give it a a shot.
Susan over at I'm Knitting as Fast as I can is doing a serial on knitting a worsted weight sock. But I do protest -- she started today with casting on 40 stitches! Us folks here in Central PA have "studier" ankles and require a few more than 40 stitches. (I'll be upsizing.)


MarDi said...

We've warmed up to a heat wave of 19! lol

I would have done just what you advised, put the knitting away for a few days, but I have to have it finished for this coming Sunday and I'm not at all sure that I'll have it done. I did finally get back on track with it, but not before frogging it a few more times and having to take a Motrin for the headache it caused. It's been one of those days!

Very pretty, the cowl neck scarf!

I hope your day has been a good one!

Donna said...

The cowl is gorgeous! I think it cost me around $110 last year to have two baby teeth pulled for Fortune and now the teeth cleaning. We don't call him Fortune for nothing! With vet bills, boarding, grooming, etc they cost you a mint, but we love the little guy!! Donna