Thursday, February 01, 2007

Knitting this week

Well, I've taken a detour this week with a non-sweater project. I'm working on the Landscape Purse from KnitPicks. The yarn is a bulky varigated (gray, blue, white) yarn. The pattern takes advantage of the varigation to form the overall pattern of the purse.

Sorry about the poor photo. I can't seem to get Picasa to send my cropped and beautified photos to Blogger. Sometimes the improvements really aren't. Anyhow, when it's all knitting the purse gets felted. So, far it's been fun.
I also received the pattern for the knitted gnomes from England. (doing the Happy Dance) I've got yarn on order from Elann -- two reds, two greens, a salmon color for the faces, and "bisque". I have to restrain myself and not start until I get at least one of my sweater projects under my belt. That's going to require discipline because I've got several transcript orders lined up. (gotta pay for the yarn)
The other good news for the day is I booked the rental house for the Easter vacation at the Outer Banks. Hot tub included! Only two months away. Just gotta keep my nose to the grindstone and before I know it I'll be sitting on the beach.
Welcome to the new readers! I've been reading your blogs too!


MarDi said...

The landscape purse is looking good! I checked out the yarn and would love to try it in the Cape Cod colorway... I guess that color choice is a natural choice for me, Cape Cod being in my native Massachusetts. :)

Your vacation plans sound wonderful, and two months won't be a long wait at all!

Have a lovely day!

MarDi said...

Thank you so much for your compliment on "Violin". :)

Hope you're having a great weekend!