Saturday, February 10, 2007

Snow is on the horizon. Now, many people (one of them lives here in my house) would say that's not a good thing. But, I do enjoy a good snowfall. There's just something about how the snow muffles sounds while it's falling. I have a 4X4 to get around in and I could walk to work if need be. DD does drive for a living and the snow is not a good thing for him. We've just not had any snow to speak of so far this winter and we're due! It looks like Tuesday into Wednesday is the time. So, we'll be turned into AccuWeather. It did get up to about 25 degrees here today. I took the time to go over the car wash this afternoon. My Blazer was soooooo dirty. Covered with road salt. I sat in line for about 45 minutes to acomplish that.

I did put in some time on my transcript today. I'm hoping to finish both parts tomorrow. I'll print, collate, and mail next week -- after Mr. Green arrives! I did however get in some knitting time this evening. We watched a terrible movie -- "Employee of the Month". At least it wasn't as bad as "Bad Santa" which in my book ranks up there with the worst movies ever made. Anyhow, I finished up the body of the Landscape Purse.

Isn't it cool! It's really neat how the colors tilt one direction and then another. I still have to knit I-cord for the handles. There's four small sections to make loops and then two long ones for the actual handles. Then I can felt the whole works.

Speaking of felting. Here's the slippers for DD, pre-felted. At her request, I used the remaining purple yarn and added some stripes and duplicate stitches on the yellow upper of the slippers. I thought it would be a neat way to add a bit of zip to them. I'm hoping to felt them tomorrow. The purse will have to wait till later in the week. And then what shall I work on next? I definately need to put some time in on my ribs and ridges sweater. I'd like to be able to wear it before spring shows up. And I want to knit some worsted weight socks for DH. Plus, the gnomes are calling from their bag of yarn over in the corner. (I've even found two different yarns to use for beards.) Too many projects and not enough time. Plus, I have to keep track of who else is throwing their hat in the ring to be the father of Anna Nicole's baby!

I finished my book, "Roger Mortimer: The Greatest Traitor". And next up is the biography of Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser. The Mortimer book is a new biography and it was pretty good. A little dry in parts, but very well researched. I'm such a nerd! I mean, who really cares about politics in 1330 England?

Well, I'm out of here. Keith Urban is going to be on SNL and I'd like to check it out, if I can figure out how to stay awake!

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