Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I'm for Harry!

Yep, I'm for Harry. He's such a cutie. That dashound body with the afro. Too cool! I missed the last group last night -- meaning I missed the Bishon's and the Boston Terriers. I've owned both. The Akita was just outstanding -- what a muscular dog. And as usual the poodles were just way over the top. You can see video of all the judging of the different breed at the Westminister Kennel Club's website. I'll be watching and knitting. (I DVR'ed the Wallace and Edward program on BBC for later watching.)

And yes, ladies and gentleman, we finally have snow. It's the first "proper" snow this winter. I actually broke out the shovel after work. So far, I'd say we have 4-6". Sleet has been mixing in off and on all day. But it has been snowing since daylight this morning. And they say there's more on the way tonight. Of course, the weather guys are soooooo excited.

I do have to say that I'm very disappointed in the Weather Channel. As my buddy, GSTQ2002 knows, I'm a Weather Channel watcher from way back. But they seem to be all about the polish and gloss these days. Where's Paul Kocin, the winter weather expert? Where's the winter storm center?

So, I've had to turn to AccuWeather. They are located about 2 hours north of here at State College. The company was started by Penn State Meterology profs and it's quite the deal. I've noticed that many of our local TV news weather guys are using AccuWeather graphics. They do their own forcasting, separate from the National Weather Service. (See I told you I know way too much about weather forecasting than any lay person should.) My favorite weather guy is Elliot Abrams. He even has weather blog. Elliot used to be seen on Penn State's Weather World program -- which was cancelled by our local PBS affiliate from Penn State. (boo) Any how, Elliot is a card and quite the poet too. Plus the man knows his weather.

Enough weather talk. I'm out of here. Must prepare for Westminister.

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