Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ribs & Ridges

Here's the current "big" project I'm working on. It's the Ribs and Ridges sweater from the Summer 2004 Knitter's. It's a Jean Frost design.

Now, I found the exact yarn to purchase, but I decided that I wasn't paying $125 for a sweater. I found an appropriate substitute from Elann, used my $50 shopping credit with Elann and basically got the yarn for free! I like to have a neutral pull over to wear all winter with a variety of things for work and play. My current collection of neutral cotton type sweaters is looking pretty poorly. So a new one is in order. I've adjusted the pattern a bit because I needed it just a hair bigger. But I felt confident in making adjustments since I participated in the FLAK project last winter. (No, that sweater isn't done -- it's marinating.)
I liked the pattern on this sweater because the sleeves are more fitted. For us more ample folks, drop sleeves aren't the most flattering. The basic stitch of the sweater is a broken rib. One of my favorite stitches. I have made socks with this pattern, hats, scarves. It's simple to do on auto-pilot, but enough interest.

The yarn is a microfiber. So, it's machine wash, tumble dry. I even did a couple swatches and washed and dried them. (good girl!) As for progress, the back is done. And I've completed one ball of yarn on the front. (It should take about five balls for the front in total.)

I did order some yarn from KnitPicks this week. More of the FiberTrends felted clogs are needed. My kid finally is showing an interest in not having ice cubes for feet and has requested a pair in yellow and purple. I'll be needed another blue pair. I practically live in these slippers three seasons of the year. (I wear the bottoms right off of them.) Recently on the KnitList there's been a discussion thread about these slippers. And some were recommending KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes as a good, economical yarn to use. In the past, I had purchased some bulk yarn from Elann that worked well. But they're out of it and I though I'd give the Wool of the Andes a go. There's also some varigated yarn coming (Yukon colorway) for a felted purse called Landscape. It's an interesting pattern where the varigated yarn is used to create the pattern. I've always liked that kind of challenge. (Remember the counted cross stitch sampler made with varigated thread? That was back when I could see without a magnifying glass and a 500 watt light.)

Well, I have lots of transcript work to do. Things on my emergency pile are floating to the top to I guess I'd better get typing!
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gstq2002 said...

Do you think I am ready for something like that? I really like it!
it is 80 degrees now! [sound of raspberry blowing]

Donna said...

The sweater is going to be lovely. I really like the stuff at Elann too. When you use your pinecones, does it provide smell as well? I will be anxious to see the result! I am working on a baby blanket that drives me nuts as I want it done. We have a new grandson due June 4 and I am making it for him, but it is so heavy that after about 2 rows my hands are aching. I have committed to 6 rows a day then I will have it all done in another 2 weeks.


MarDi said...

Hi! I drifted here by following a link from gstq2002's blog, and so glad that I did... the sweater will be beautiful, and I'll be sure to drop by from time to time to catch a finished photo of it. I love the yarn that you've chosen, it looks very soft and cozy!

Have a great night :)