Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Shawls on my mind

Another book came in through interlibrary loan. It's "Stahman's Shawls & Scarves." Excellent book! I have a bunch of left over Red Heart (gasp!) from a Cuff-to-Cuff jacket that I did as part of a knit-a-long from the Ample Knitters. (Best list on the net) Anyhow, I'm think Faoese-shaped shawl to throw on for the evening escort of my dog. (She gets escorted, not walked.) But what a great book. I'm going to have to add it to my wish list. In the meantime, I think that the first shawl in the book is what I'm looking for. It's called Fenna and it's a garter stitch Faroese shawl. Perfect.

I got to drop another stitch on Clapotis today (Wo-hoo!)

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