Thursday, February 10, 2005

I've been bad

This blogging thing requires some discipline. I can't believe I've been so long without posting. I have been productive and I have thought about my blog. (That's got to count for something.) The taxes are done, filed, and we're waiting for the electronic refund. The flu is just rampant in our area. Fortunately no one at our house has caught it. My hands are about raw from all the washing, but hey, if it keeps the flu away, no problem.

I have one more repeat on Clapotis before I'm ready for the decrease row. I'm plugging away on my Opera Scarf. I'm hoping for blocking it this weekend. The felted clogs are still on the needles.

I made some really neat stitch markers over the weekend. I'll try to get some photos up on them. I had no idea about all the beading supplies that are available. I was also reading about the photo stitch markers done with shrinky dinks. Cool! You can read how to here.

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