Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic Update

Well, folks, we're nearing the half-way point in Olympic knitting. Curling has been a real favorite here. I actually found the website for the Canadian Curling Association and acquainted myself with the General Rules of Curling. (I really just wanted to figure out the scoring.) Beautifully simple! Snowboard cross is also great to watch.

However, I'd like to comment on the how uninspiring the men's figure skating long programs were. Plushenko, the Russian who won, sure can jump, but not much artistic flow to the program. The Americans had much more interesting programs, but were unable to deliver on the jumps. Weir is all talk and nothing to back it up.

I'd like to know why someone who's been training to skate in the Olympics and has been competing on an international level, gets tired before the end of the program. Seems to me that stamina training is in order.

Speaking of stamina training ....

Nearing the half-way point on the Norweigan hat. It's soooooo nice. It's not a tight knit and the fabric of it is just right. I'm looking forward to some uninterrupted, marathon knitting time over the next three days, with the fire blazing in the fireplace.

Sam is begging food from his own seat at the kitchen table. Nice boy!

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Anonymous said...

Here's another Curling website with animation that you will enjoy!