Monday, February 13, 2006

Blocks of knitting

I'm working up the nerve to do a modular knit sweater. Here's a sample block.

And here's four blocks together in a different gauge. I'm pleased with how well the blocks went together. I'm considering using Shine from KnitPicks. The samples are Berocco Cotton Tots. I've washed and dried the samples. I've not knit a sweater since I was in college about 30 years ago.

Olympic knitting is moving right along. I'm using Palette from KnitPicks in blue and white. Single strand on size 6 circular. So far, the hat has a really nice feel to it. Unfortunately, after a trip to the opthomologist this afternoon and having my eyes dialated, there was no knitting this evening.

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rupr said...

We have similar ideas, modular knitting is my knitting olympic project too. You can see my progress on my blog.