Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Baby!

My great-nephew came to visit this afternoon. He is nine weeks old and quite happy. DD even got him to smile and then laugh. He laughed, burped, had a couple good slurps off the bottle, and was sleeping before he left. We're hoping to see him again in two weeks.

Here is a finished sock that is no more. DH really liked it, but it was too big through the instep. So, I made another, that was smaller. 64 stitches to start with was better. Worsted weight yarn with size 3 needles. And when the second one was finished and found to fit. This baby was frogged back to two balls of yarn. I have cast on this evening and hope to have a finished pair by this time next week. A couple of March Madness games and I'll be well on my way. If this all goes well and DH is comfortable with them, I'll be looking for some superwash worsted wool to get him a few more pairs ready for winter.

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MarDi said...

Aww, what a sweetheart your great-nephew is, such a happy and contented baby. :)

I'm so impressed with the socks you make, I can't imagine making socks myself. Hope the frogging of this last one wasn't too painful!

Have a nice weekend!