Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Short Row Toe

I have this lovely yarn that's been marinating in my yarn stash for awhile. I'm intrigued by the pattern in the new Knitty, called "Falling Leaves". Over the past two days I have knit the short row toe FOUR times. The first three versions I tried my darnedest to following the pattern as written. You see, like recipes, I think that at least one time you should try to follow the directions exactly as the author wrote them.

Now, you have to understand, I'm no fan of knitting socks from the toe up. It's not that the toe is that big of a deal, but I have yet to find a cast off that works for me and my ample ankles. (However, I do have a new plan that I'll reveal later in regards to the cuff.)

Anyhow, I don't know of the pattern has an error, or if the knitter just ain't happy, but when I followed the pattern directions, I got large holes and that ain't good. So, I found some instructions for short row toes where the short rows are wrapped. (In a previous edition of Knitty.) And it worked better. I still wouldn't give it an A plus, but I believe I won't reknit the toe again.

As far as my UFO's -- the Whitby socks are complete and I have them on my happy feet as we speak. The "More Fun than Cables" socks are nearing the heel flap on the second sock. And I haven't even cast on for the second blue and white mitten. (I'm not allow to until the "More Fun than Cables" socks are done.)

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