Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Leaves, leaves, and leaves

It's been awhile, I know. Life has gotten in the way of blogging. However, knitting has continued on. I whipped out this pair of mittens. There was no real pattern that I followed. Mittens are pretty easy. I adapted the Cascading Leaves pattern and some Noro Kureyon. Just for me! I was surprised, though, the yarn was all supposed to be the same dye lot, but the green at the bottom of the cuff widely varied. I guess the rich color is the real beauty of Noro yarn.

Four times is the charm. This is the sock pattern from the new Knitty. "Falling Leaves." I really gave the toe up version an honest try. After ripping it out three times, I decided that top down was the way to go. Going to be great socks. The photo doesn't give a real good depictation of the pattern, but believe me, it's real nice. And I'm not going to give up on toe up. I like the idea of the provisional cast-on and the short row toe. Just not this time.

A hat for me with Peruvian wool I got a while back from Elann. The pattern is a freebie from the web. I added a few more stitches around. My head is big (stop snickering) and I want lot of room for my hair. I have a whole bag of this yarn. It's soooo soft. I hope it's a good choice for the hat. It's a little heavier than worsted and I'm using Size 10.5 needles. There may be a matching pair of mittens in the future for this yarn too.

Cascading Leaves - first sock almost finished. This is a great pattern. You have to join the Townsend Sock Group on Yahoo to get it. (There's other nice patterns there also.) It really knit up quickly and is very pretty. I did increase the stitch count. (Yes, I have fat feet, too.) I just increased the number of purl stitches and we have a winner.

Here's a close up of the stitch pattern. Could be very useful for many things.


SANDRA said...

You have been very productive! And I already adore those mittens above!

Paula said...

I gave up on the Falling Leaves toe after two attempts. Do you have to do the chart upside down? One day I will learn how to eliminate those holes. I appreciate knowing the mechanics of the short row toe.