Monday, September 12, 2005

Some new stuff for fall

I got my first ever order from Knit Picks. WOW! The dusty blue, gray, and pumpkin colored yarns is earmarked for socks. This is the first solid color sock yarn that I've had. I really enjoy the self-patterning and striping yarns, but I find I'm less bored if I pick a sock pattern with a bit of a stitch pattern. And to really see stitch patterns solid color yarn is really the best. The blue and white is earmarked for mittens. (School colors, you know.) I'll need to search around for a simple colorwork pattern for mittens. I'm sure I can find something. I might even borrow a pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Doublemosa cap.

And of course, I had to test out how the new sock yarn is going to knit, so here's the start of a pair of Cascading Leaves socks. Pattern from the Townsend Sock Knit-a-long Group on Yahoo. This pattern has four pattern rows with a rib pattern row in between. I wrote out each line on a a 3 X 5 card, punched a hole in the corner, clipped them together with a large split ring and I was off to the races. I had to enlarge the pattern to suit my fat feet, but that wasn't hard and there was good information on how to do that through the group.


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