Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More footies

It's amazing. Since I started knitting footies, it seems like they are popping up all over the web. There's a pattern on the Yahoo Handknit Socks group. And there's one at MagKnits. I do have several pairs planned, so I guess I'm going to have to branch out and try all the patterns. I'm not quite done with the purple pair.

I've also cast on for the Fluted Banister Socks from the Six Socks Yahoo group. Yeah, I'm just a little behind. Actually I just enjoy the chatter and to pick and choose. There are some excellent patterns that have come out of that group and I highly recommend it to all sock knitters. Tomorrow (June 1) is the announcement of the next pattern.

I spent most of the Memorial Day weekend in bed with the horrible chest cold. Much better now. I'm hoping to sleep without weezing tonight. I felt so bad over the weekend that I actually didn't knit at all. Can you imagine!

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