Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Finished dishcloth!

Finished dishcloth! The color in the photo is very poor. But it turned out beautiful and it's in the mail to it's intended recipient today!

I got this beautiful hanging strawberry plant for Mother's Day (at my request) Here's hoping the strawberries are sweet!

I got my mom this Volcano Rock plant. Looks like an orchid to me.. but it's very neat and truly is growing on a piece of volcanic rock.


Anonymous said...

The anonymous Floridian can hardly wait to receive the doily/dishcloth! It looks beautiful!
We are pretty excited down here, if Vonzell goes through on Wednesday night, she will be singing in Centennial Park on Friday!

Anonymous said...

The doily/dishcloth arrived Saturday. I am still calling it by both names because I haven't decided its function just yet!
Thank You!