Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Projects

First we have the refelting of the French Market bag. It seems to be going well. I have the bag drying over a bag o'DVD's. It will wind up being deeper. I'm happier about it.

Then I've been working on the lining for the Landscape bag. I want to enter it into the local county fair and I think it should be lined. I found some great lining guidlines/directions at Noni Felted Bags. Some pretty creative bags, too!

My lining is some 100% cotton (left over from my quilting days) I used some iron on lining for some added body. Made some pockets for the inside. And folded over the corners of the bottom to square it off. I'm going to pick up some plastic canvas at Wally World this afternoon for some more body, add a magnetic closure on the inside and stitch to top edge in place. Hopefully tomorrow you'll get to see a finished picture.

But for now, we're off furniture shopping. The recliners in the living room are absolutely shot and leaning to the left.

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