Thursday, July 05, 2007

French Market Bag

The knitting is done. It only took a couple episodes of "Deadliest Catch", "Ice Road Truckers" and a viewing of "The Queen" and viola, we have an unfelted French Market Bag. Here's another view where you can really see the handles. The yarn came from Elann and it's the Peruvian Highlands Wool.
And now, here's the felted version. The color in the photo is just about true. I blocked it with a round wooden bucket. Just couldn't find something square that was the right size. However, after doing a Google search of the French Market Bag, I think next try I'll use some DVD's.
My complaint is the finished size. I've placed a pair of my reading glasses in front so you can get an idea as to scale. I did run it through the washer twice for felting and I think once would have done it. The yarn felted up fast. The version took three and three-quarter skeins of yarn. Next time, I'm making it taller and making the handles longer. The pattern calls for decreasing the handles every four rows. I'm going to try decreasing every six rows. Also, the pattern calls for knitting the body for eight inches. I'm going for more. The plan on the next one is the bottom is being knit from black. When I get to the end of the increasing the circle for the bottom, I'm switching over the the lovely purple yarn I bought. I'm going to knit the sides for three and a half skeins. I'll let you know how many inches that is. At least twelve (instead of the 8 called for in the pattern).
Don't get me wrong, I do like my bag. I have some coordinating buttons to sew on and I need to find a jazzy lining. Maybe I can get to a fabric store this weekend. Unfortunately ( or fortunately) my transcript business has picked up and that really cuts into my knitting time. But I'm not complaining. It's going to buy me a new pair of recliners. The early Salvation Army look in my living room is out the door!


gstq2002 said...

Love the color but it is kind of small, huh? I'll be anxious to see the progress with buttons and lining!

Donna said...

I adore the bag! It is just so cool and the color is fabulous.

As for my boogas and the loops, I just I-corded a couple inches extra and cut it off the handle section after felting. I jammed my needle through to make a hole then fed both ends through to make the loop and tacked them down with dmc thread that matched to the inside of the bag.