Friday, July 06, 2007


Well, I'm still contemplating my French Market bag. I really do like the color. As a matter of fact, I'd love to have a coat make out of this felted material in this color. (Boy that would really use up the yarn to cover my butt!!!) Anyhow, I am disappointed in the size. But, not to worry. First, I'm going to make the bag wet and refelt by using DVDs. And I have an ancient bag of buttons that at one time I was going to sew onto a quilt.

Many years ago, after the Oklahoma City bombing, my friend over at A New Day, and I made small angel quilts that were presented to the families of those who's loved ones died that day. I've always felt honored that our two quilts were given to the lady who lost both of her sons that day in the daycare. The quilts were rustic, county-style with an angel pattern and sewn with much love. I bought the buttons for on that quilt, but they never got sewn on -- I thought it might be a little over the top. So, the bag of buttons was never opened. Until now -- I'm going to sew them on the outside of my French Market bag.

The other bit of info for today is how I repaired the wavy top edge of my other felted bag. I used doubled quilting thread and ran a running stitch along the top of my bag, drew in the bag a bit to make it not wavy and then refelted it. Much better.

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