Wednesday, April 04, 2007

OBX report

Having a great time. Here's a few photo's --

This is our view. Beautiful!

Finished a pair of socks that have been waiting a long, long time. I've started another pair. Photo's later.
Having a great time, the weather is warm, but it's going to change tomorrow. It's still better than 30 degrees and snowing!


gstq2002 said...

Glad to see your weather is holding up. I was a little worried, looking at the radar maps, it looked like you may be getting alot of rain. The view is gorgeous! oh, love the socks!

MarDi said...

Oh, the ocean, I'm so envious, and happy to hear that you're having a wonderful time! 10 inches of new fallen snow is what I'm enjoying at the moment, I'll gladly trade with you! LOL

The socks are lovely!