Monday, April 16, 2007

I have some progress to report on the second "Tweed" sock. I've just completed the heel flap and I'm ready to turn the heel and move on down the instep.

There was also discussion over the weekend with GSTQ regarding the trio of Elizabeth I scarves from KnitPick. I currently have the "Town and County" pattern on the needles knit with Elan's Baby Silk. Very nice. My only regret is that I didn't think to insert beads. (I'm not frogging it for beads.) But it would have been a real nice addition. It will look real nice after it gets blocked.

We had another play date with my great-nephew yesterday and I gave his mom and dad the sweater I made for him. It's a little big yet, but it won't be long. There was no real pattern. I used a baby sweater pattern I found on the web but just to get me started. I used Lion's Brand Microfiber. It's nice and soft and should wash and wear well.

And I have to report that I did some yarn shopping on Ebay over the weekend. Several years ago I knit some flip-top mittens for my mother out of Trekking XXL that I purchased at a LYS. It's the most beautiful yarn that I've ever knit with. The color changes every couple of stitches. Fortunately, I only used a little over half of the skein. So, I have the balance of it to pet on a regular basis. I've been looking for more Trekking to purchase. I didn't want the self-striping type, just the varigated kind. I found a seller in England that had some! So, I picked up a skein in a variety of greens and a skein that's ombre. Can't wait for it to arrive! So, I leave you with my partial skein of Trekking ---

I just have to note what a terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech this morning. I just can't believe it. I can tell you as someone who spent a significant period of my life living on a college campus much like Virgina Tech that to have an incident like this happen is absolutely shocking.

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MarDi said...

Every time I visit here I'm amazed at how many projects you complete in such a short time! You're amazing!

Congrats on finding the yarn you were looking for. I've found many lovely yarns on eBay -- so many in fact, that I try very hard to stay out of eBay to avoid bankruptcy! lol Do you have a project in mind for the yarn you've bought?

I love the baby sweater, very pretty colors!