Sunday, January 14, 2007


The Fetching fingerless gloves found at Knitty, seem to be the project du jour. You'll find them all over the internet. So, of course, I had to try my had at them. My first attempt was done with black Red Heart acrylic (gasp) and I carried along a ladder yarn. Actually I thought the ladder yarn greatly improved the Red Heart acrylic. However, knitting them on size 6 double points made the end product pretty stiff, and it hurt my hands to knit with it.

The second attempt which has since been frogged was done with some Elann Baby Silk (double strand) and a carried along ladder yarn. Much more comfortable to work with, but the ladder yarn really covered up the cables. Plus the DD really wanted black and the Baby Silk was a lovely plum color.

So, we wound up with black Red Heart acrylic (gasp) as the final product. And honestly it turned out pretty good.
The DD likes them, but I can't see her wearing them too much. I mean, I can't hardly get her to wear more than a sweatshirt to school on mornings when it's 15 degrees. But then again, the cold weather really hasn't show up yet here in Central PA -- there's hopes for this week. So, maybe, just maybe she'll wear them. It does help that her friends think that her mom knits some cool things. And at age 12 cool is the name of the game!

I know that I haven't written much for months and I'm going to try to do better. Much has happened since August in my life and just now the dust is clearing and we're looking forward to some normalacy.
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