Thursday, August 04, 2005

This and that

Vacation time is coming up this week and I've been planning out what knitting I'll be working on. Looks like fun to me!

I have the cuff started on a new pair of socks. I'm hoping to finish up the Whitby socks nex week and get something new started. But, I really think I'm going to wait for the new Stitches of Violet - Better than Cables pattern. It's due out later in the month.

The sunflowers have been enjoying the mass amounts of sun that we've been having. But they don't care for the lack of rain. You can see the leaves just aren't quite what they should be. The second set of blooms are just about to burst forth.

I planted cherry tomatoes in among my flower this year, which has just worked out fine, but the cherry sized tomatoes are really plum sized. They taste good, though!

And finally, here's the porch restoration project on Penn Street. The 1940's style portico was removed snd an original-style Victorian porch is being added. There's a beautiful etched ruby glass in the transom over the front door that is seeing the light of day for the first time in about 70 years.

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pam said...

Love those Whitby socks...very pretty! Makes me want to run out and buy that book. How are the other patterns?