Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Fun than Cables

The "More Fun than Cables Sock" (August 26, 2005 entry) is just that. I made some adjustments to the pattern to fit my legs. I'm nearing the heel and I decided that I needed to reduce the diameter a bit. I started out with 72 stitches to cast on, which is the usual size that works for me when I knit with Size 1 needles. I changed the K2's to K3's. To adjust the diameter back down, I just changed the K3's back to K2's. (see the yellow circle) Seems to be working out just fine.

The yarn is a cotton/wool superwash and doesn't have a lot of stretch. So, I think by decreasing near the ankle/heel area may keep them from slouching down. Great pattern. Just enough interest to keep me looking forward to the next row, but no problem to memorize. Thanks, Marguerite!

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Marguerite said...

The socks are looking great. Love that yarn. What pretty colors. Nice knitting, too.