Friday, August 26, 2005

Creating a Cunning Plan

And another week is nearly gone, summer is just about over, school starts on Monday. It’s my favorite time of the year. Sorry, no pictures again today. However, I’ve been working on creative knitting thoughts. I spent some time looking through the Six Sock Knitalong Webring sites. Wow! There’s really some great stuff out there. And as I’m sure you know, there’s some great blogs out there and there’s some that are pretty boring. (mine’s not included in the “great blogs” list)

So, what have I come up with as a plan of action for my knitting in the upcoming months? Here’s what we have so far:

* I have some lovely navy sock wool with a multi-colored twist that is going to become the Amble sock that’s the current pattern on the Six Sox Knitalong.

* I have some turquoise Esprit that is going to become a Friday Harbor sock, inspired by the new Yahoo “Knitting on the Road” group that I just joined this morning. The group is going to knit the socks in Barbara Bush’s “Knitting on the Road.”

* For further inspiration, I also signed up for the Sockknitters Sock of the Month Club list which announces the knit-a-longs that are happening as spin-off groups from the Sockknitters list.

* I have some lovely sky blue wool that I think is going to become a “Branching Out” scarf. The pattern is from one of my favorite bloggers, Susan at “I’m Knitting as Fast as I Can.”

* I’m going to make another Sophie bag, but larger. There’s a pattern for just such an animal called Elizabeth, but I think I can up-size Sophie and design my own.

* There’s also several pairs of felted slippers that need to be completed before the end of December.

* And I’m going to knit up Sarah Bradberry’s “Sweet 16” Knit & Felt hat.

Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans…I’m sure that soon I’ll have a truck load of transcript work that will need to be done and wreath season is upon us. Which means, I need to be wiring cones and cutting bows.

Of course, I’ve not even mentioned the two shawls that I have started. Both are at about the halfway finished stage. But, you know, there’s only so many hours in the day – plus, I need time to finish reading the Harry Potter books before I can start Digital Fortress by Ken Brown. At least when Survivor starts up again I can knit while I’m watching that! Then there’s the husband who currently has a kidney stone…

So, there's my plans. I'm sure something will come along to muck it all up! But it's a plan. Well, I must be off to buy cranberry juice and console the DH who is trying to pass a kidney stone. (I promise I'll do better with having photos next week.)

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