Friday, July 15, 2005

Felted slipper formula

I dug in to the UFO pile and came up with felted slippers. I had made the first one back in the winter. This is the third pair that I've made and I have others planned. The pattern is from Fiber Trends and it's easy. The yarn is Nature Garn from Elann.

I have found that the secret to the Fiber Trends felted slipper pattern is to use stitch markers to mark the center stitch. It makes the amount of counting needed virtually nil. I also take the time to make myself a chart that's made up of row numbers. Each time I complete a row I just cross off the number. Never any confusion about where I'm at. The decrease rows get circles around the numbers and that way at a glance I can see if I need to decrease. It's very much like sock making.

My only complaint about the pattern is that the original comes printed on a dark teal colored paper which I find very difficult to read. I typed off part of it so that I could print it out on light colored paper. So, that along with my chart of row numbers makes for an easy knit.

In other news, our county has started a construction project where they are enlarging our courthouse to make room for all county offices. I work in a building that overlooks the construction site. I'm going to be starting a blog of daily (or so) photographs of the construction. Should prove to be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I will be looking forward to the "Courthouse Blog"