Thursday, April 28, 2005

Green wool

I have two skeins (mostly complete, I think) of this lovely green yarn. It was found in with the yarn that I was gifted earlier this year. (The gift that keeps on giving!) It hasn't spoken yet about what it wants to be. Socks, maybe. A scarf, maybe.

I also have some ribbon yarn that I've been trying to work up (in my mind) to be some kind of a decorative neck scarf. (for indoor wear) I've never really used ribbon yarn before, but I think it's really cool. The colors are beautiful. Just food for thought.

Meanwhile, I'm plugging along on Gracie (three pattern repeats are DONE!) The second mini-ripple (Broadripple variation) is coming along. There's soccer practice tonight and I foresee reaching the heel flap by the end of practice!

And I must report that the felted bags received their buttons last night. I think they're nice and even DD gave her stamp of approval.

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