Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The first day...

Yes, it's the first day for my blog. I've been knocking this idea around for quite awhile. I am hoping that it won't take too much time away from knitting. But, I really enjoy the knit-blog community conversation and I hope that by blogging I'll broaden my knitting horizons.

Currently, I'm completely wrapped up in Clapotis from the current issue of Knitty. I resisted, I pulled away, but she kept drawing me back in. And just when I think I'm out -- here I am knitting Clapotis. I'm using Lion Brand Magic Stripe in the Blue Regatta color way. Pretty good choice if I don't say so myself. Being that the name Clopitis refers to waves, the color choice is good. I'm hoping for more of a large scarf to pull over my shoulders on cold winter nights.

I've also been heavy into the Fiber Trends Clogs. The first pair was made with unspun White Buffalo in a teal color and a chunky weight multi color that came from Elann. (I just LOVE shopping there!) Anyhow, the first try was pretty rough. First I had a problem following directions -- If you'd know me, you'd understand -- then felting wasn't great. It seems that unspun yarn and spun yarn felt at different rates. Next pair up was with Nature Garn (again from Elann) and some very lovely Noro Kureyon (from Ebay -- I have 4 skeins). Again, the Noro and the Nature Garn felted at different rates. So, my daughter has a beautiful pair of slippers. Then I finally used all Nature Garn and made a great pair for me. Next up is a pair in Scarlet and Gray (for my Ohio State University fan DH). They are underway but Clapotis grabbed me.

I'll try for some photos tomorrow.

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