Monday, June 18, 2007


My yarn has arrived from KnitPicks! I'm planning felted clog slippers -- I've worn out another pair. And then there's the Pirate Queen Booty Bag purse in red and black for DD. She wanted to know why she needed a booty bag. (12-year-olds just have no sense of humor.) And I picked out some Gossamer in three colors to play with.

We've changed internet providers (my old company isn't going to be providing residential service anymore.) I must say, we switched to Embarq. It was relatively painless, less expensive, and MUCH faster. Now to work on changing over my e-mail. At least I have until the end of July.


gstq2002 said...

Looks like Christmas arrived early at your house! What are your plans for the Gossamer?

Donna said...

Wow, nice big box of cool yarn! I haven't tried the felted clogs yet. Too many things on my plate still! Oh and you asked about my booga bags and how I attached the charms in the front. I just knitted my icord a few extra inches and made a hole in the center of the bag with my needle like I did to attach the handle and shoved both ends of a short piece through making a loop. I then just tacked the two sides down in the inside of the bag, but gave the loop a little extra length in case they wanted the charms to hang a little more. The booga bags are such an easy thing to whip up and sure make great gifts!