Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring Forward

Here's a swatch for another project waiting in the wings. The Spring Forward cardigan - another Aran style knit. I saw a finished Spring Forward cardigan on a blog and it was beautiful! It was done in pink. Really shows off the cables. So, I ordered me up the pattern from Big Sky Knitting. The photo's with the pattern really don't do it justice. The sample is done in red and you really can't see the texture. I have this cotton acrylic blend that came from Elann an eon ago. And I think will suit this project just fine. Plus, I believe that I have enough to complete the sweater!

Here on the swatch I'm considering using the stitch on the upper portion of the swatch for the filler stitch. I'm tired of Moss Stitch (which is the bottom portion). So, in the meantime, I must keep plugging away at my FLAK.

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