Monday, April 24, 2006

Sleeve Island

I can't even believe that I haven't posted for almost a month. In my defense, I've been knitting. As you can see I'm off on sleeve island. I need to make 19 pairs of decreases and I'm doing the decreases along the edge of the saddle cable that runs down to the wrist. I have been looking, but I haven't found the immunity idol. Must be on some other island...

I've finished all the decreases on the first sleeve and put the stitches on yarn. I want to check my sleeve length before finishing off with cuffs. It is a son of a gun doing the sleeves. All that moss stitch just goes on and on and on. I can't wait to get back to working on the body. I believe that I'm not going to work in the round. I think I'd like the stability of having side seams, plus I seem to do better with cables when I have a purl row in between.

I have been thinking about how to finish the neck, wrists, and bottom. Slowly, there have been a few finished FLAK's being shown off across the net. Lots of great ideas. I haven't settled on anything yet. Guess I'm going to have to have a good hard think about it and then sleep on it!

I promise to do better with posting. I do have a couple of other things up my sleeve. No, I didn't start another project, but I do have something waiting in the wings. I really like working on this FLAK, so I don't want to be tempted by starting another project. My goal is to have this sweater done so that I can enter it in the local county fair the end of July. Really, I'm working at a good pace and it shouldn't be a problem.

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