Wednesday, June 15, 2005

See I have been knitting. First, is a dishcloth that I made for a friend who's doing me a favor. Everyone can use a new dishcloth and I just love the colors in this one. Sort of southwest, with just enough blue. This took two evenings of not very concentrated knitting.

Now, this is the start of a sock. The yarn is Meilenweit Fun, cotton blend. It's a Lana DeGrossa yarn that I picked up a year or so ago. It's been aging in my stash. The colors are real nice. The yarn is a cotton, wool, silk, superwash mix. I think the sock is going to have a feather and fan pattern, but that might change.

And next, but not last, here's the next pair of footies. Actually, I believe the pattern says golf socks. But, in that I never completely follow the pattern, I think they are going to wind up being a hybrid between two patterns. I'm planning a k2tog/YO pattern down the instep that I found on another pattern. Plus I'm using LynnH's no-purl heel flap. (I just love that!) Also, I think that I'm going to include the stripe right before I start the toe. Might as well use up the bits and pieces leftover from other socks.

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