Monday, June 13, 2005

Gauge! A fashion MUST for me for winter wear is a cream colored pullover sweater that I can various colored turtlenecks underneath. And so I have the pattern for the Just One More Row, Pacific Grove Pullover. It's a modular knit pullover that comes in many sizes. But, as the pattern points out, it's very important to check gauge. Also, since this is an item that gets lots of wear, it's necessary that it be very easy wash and wear. So, I picked up a skein of TLC cotton plus (I think that's what it's called.) It's a cotton/acrylic blend. Nice to work with and soft. I'm going to test out a block of four modules and run them through the washer and dryer to see how it all comes out.

Boo-Boo... The pattern is rather simple, but clever. However, it is important to count correctly so the row of stitches that runs up the middle of the block are all in the correct location, otherwise you wind up with a corner that looks just like mine, which is not good...

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