Monday, November 26, 2007

Kool Aid and the Hedge Hog

You see I saw this pattern on Ravelry for a really cute knit fellow that's a hedge hog. And I just have to make one. So, I ordered the pattern (Fiber Trends) from the Mannings. And then it was decided that the hedge hog needed to be green with bright yellow fun fur. Then I went about trying to find how I could come into the possession of some really bright green wool that would felt. Off to the stash I went and found two 8 oz. skeins of Lion's Brand Fishermans Wool. I wound off into a hank about 180 yards. (using the non-scientific guessing method). Then after doing my internet research homework, I decided that Kool Aid brand lemon-lime was the flavor we needed in order to dye the wool green. Off the store I went and came home with 10 packages of lemon-lime for a mere $2.10.

Then I soaked my hank of yarn in water with just a bit of soap.

Next, I put six packets of lemon-lime in the large pot on the stove and put the yarn in the pot.
Stirring gently and then I did put in a glug of vinegar. (I didn't have white vinegar so I just used some good ole apple cider vinegar.)
Stirred gently and before the water even came to a boil, the yarn had soaked up all the color and the water was clear. Just did bring it to a boil just for luck and pulled the pot off the heat.
After cooling, the yarn got dunked in the sink full of lukewarm water and rinsed. I didn't detect one speck of color rinsing out.
And voila, just like magic, we have a skein of hedge hog green yarn. VERY simple process and it was fun, too!
I'll be considering other colors for the rest of the Fishermans Wool. I think it would make some fine mittens.

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gstq2002 said...

It looks awesome and sounds easy enough for me to do! Love the shade of green! I'll have to search for dye-able yarn?!